Askari Outside Beam Security System        April 2014

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I have had the privilege of owning an outdoor beam system for the past 12 years.  

I volunteered to assist in evaluating their new and improved system which I installed and operated in parallel with my existing  beam system for the past few years.

The Askari system can monitor up to eight zones/areas remotely within a range of 400 metres.  The system can also easily be interface into an existing house alarm system.

The ‘Nano’ which is the name of the miniature portable control centre which highlights the exact area that has been activated both audibly and visually. From your Nano you can remotely activate additional security aids/ deterrents such as spotlights, sirens or for that matter anything you would want to switch on or off.  

The control of these additional items can also be programmed to automatically be activated by the Scouts (Remote Outdoor Beams Unit) when triggered. The Nano plugs into its own ‘hot foot’ charger and the Scouts operate on their own easily replaceable batteries which have a three year operational life.


The advantage of the new Askari system is the ease of installation. No wiring is required. All you need to do is choose the areas you would like the outside beams to cover, mount the Scouts and you have an instant intelligent early warning security system!

Once you have had such a system and experience the piece of mind it gives you and your family you will never be without such a system, always knowing that your outside property is fully monitored.   

This letter of recommendation may sound like a product advert but it is purely motivated by the years I have enjoyed having such as system and also being privy to all the enhanced security features and facilities that Trap International has included in their new Askari Early Warning Security System which they are about to launch.   The product is designed and manufactured in South Africa by Trap International and is excellently supported by them.

I do hope this will encourage you to consider installing such a system.

From a very satisfied customer,

 Dave Keightley