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Askari Scouts have special ultra violet proof, patented lenses (poly IR6) which are Guaranteed for 10 years of unimpaired function. The majority of competitive products use ordinary Fresnel lenses which deteriorate rapidly when exposed to sunlight. To compound this annoying weakness some even do not sell replacement lenses, thus forcing the user to purchase an entire new unit.


Askari Scouts have a formidable reputation in being able to minimize false triggering and offer the purchaser many different means of dealing with environmental issues that DO arise in exterior applications. Our competitors offer only a reduction in detection range and sensitivity. 

Askari has detection coverage of 20 meters in 110 degrees. At present, known competitors have a less effective angle and range - typically 12 meters and a careful look at the beam array will reveal that the range is about eight meters only as both beams have to be triggered and the one that is lowered to reduce false alarms has a range of about 6 meters.